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The greatest gift is the
gift of the teachings
John Moyer

In Loving Memory of John Moyer

Back in the year 2000, John Moyer set Dharma Seed on the path to a web presence that would eventually become Today, Dharma Seed serves more than a million visitors a month, and John’s early internet insights and support were crucial to the Dharma Seed we know.

John passed away of brain cancer January 6, 2015. His wife commented “I am very happy to hear that his work lives on. He would be proud.”

Wide use of the internet was just beginning in 2000, but John clearly saw, as he put it, “If the Buddha was alive today, he’d be on the Internet.” So he combined his love of the Dharma with his technical skills as an engineer for Adobe, and reached out to Dharma Seed. After extensive conversations about the importance of a web presence with then Director Judy Phillips, his generosity and support began.

He donated computers, archiving, and CD duplicating equipment. He also encouraged Dharma Seed to build a broad-capacity platform that could handle many users. Thanks to his foresight, we began converting analog audio recordings of Dharma talks to digital files. John's skillful support of our early move to digital brought ease and resources to the long and difficult process of getting our large archive of recorded talks ready to go online.

Dharma Seed expresses our heartfelt gratitude to John Moyer who participated in bringing Dharma Seed to where it is today.

John and Demi at beach

Thank you!

John and Dan

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