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Retreat Dharma Talks

Concentration Retreat

2010-08-16 (10 days) Spirit Rock Meditation Center

2010-08-18 Skillful Means for Concentration 63:22
Andrea Fella
Cultivating the skill of concentration includes recognizing and working with those qualities that both support and hinder concentration. This talk explores ways to let go of the hindrances, and ways to cultivate the factors of concentration.
2010-08-19 The Seven Factors of Enlightenment in relation to Concentration Practice 61:00
Richard Shankman
2010-08-21 Jhana States: From Movement to Stillness 64:46
Phillip Moffitt
Jhana means non-distraction achieved by the removal of distractions from the mind. As the distraction of mind are removed, the mind state moves from coarseness to more fine states into stillness and equanimity.
2010-08-22 From Stillness to Movement: The Place of Concentration on the Path of Insight 56:40
Andrea Fella
An exploration of the importance of concentration on the ability of the mind to meet experience as it is.
2010-08-23 Four Foundations of Mindfulness 60:06
Richard Shankman
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