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Retreat Dharma Talks

Metta Retreat

2011-01-10 (8 days) Spirit Rock Meditation Center

2011-01-11 Metta as the Heart of Mindfulness 53:31
Sylvia Boorstein
The "Introduction to Metta" talk positions metta as the particular form of mindfulness that reflects the third foundation of mindfulness, attention to the contents of mind. It also is presented as the practice that follows the Buddha's instructions for Wise Effort, the purposeful cultivation in the mind of wholesome states.
2011-01-12 How Metta Transforms Us 56:09
Donald Rothberg
In this second talk of the retreat, we explore further the spirit of metta, through teachings and stories, focusing as well on the themes of metta as a concentration practice, as opening a process of purification, and, as it matures, as increasingly embodied and wise.
2011-01-13 The Joy of a Friendly Heart 68:34
Heather Martin
Exploring how metta cheers us, how a cheerful heart calms and relaxes us; and how a calm, relaxed state ushers in more understanding and so, more metta.
2011-01-14 The Courage to Live - the Practice of Forgiveness 58:07
Larry Yang
2011-01-14 Forgiveness Meditation 34:57
Larry Yang
2011-01-15 Equanimity: Seeds of an Appropriate Response 62:04
Heather Sundberg
Using images, stories and quotes from teachers and spiritual leaders, this talk explores the practice of equanimity, discussing the topics of dependent conditions, working with challenges to equanimity, and offering equanimity practice techniques.
2011-01-16 Lovingkindness as the Practice of Freedom 59:01
Sylvia Boorstein
2011-01-16 Metta Chants 10:40
Heather Martin
2011-01-17 Practicing Metta in Daily Life - Widening Circles of Metta 49:04
Donald Rothberg
As we do on the cushion, we practice metta in daily life in widening circles. We explore sustaining individual formal metta practice, metta in our relationships, and metta in the larger world. (Followed by questions and responses.)
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