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Retreat Dharma Talks

Insight Meditation And Contemplative Inquiry

2008-06-13 (7 days) Gaia House

2008-06-13 Opening Talk for Insight Meditation and Contemplative Inquiry 1:10:13
Sharda Rogell
This talk also includes Catherine McGee
2008-06-14 Leaving Your Comfort Zone 47:30
Sharda Rogell
To live freshly we will need to go beyond all that is known and familiar to us, which we avoid at all costs. Why do we hold on so tightly when what we are longing for is in the relaxation and letting go?
2008-06-16 Being Embodied with Mindfulness 53:30
Sharda Rogell
When awareness mingles with sensations in the body, it is like returning home after a long journey. So why is it so hard to rest in the immediacy of our experience called 'body'?
2008-06-17 Guided Meditation on Equanimity 31:00
Sharda Rogell
2008-06-19 Transforming Suffering into Happiness 64:54
Sharda Rogell
The Buddha's main instruction to us is how to 'turn our mind' toward that which is good and wholesome and brings the deepest happiness and peace. How do we do that?
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