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Retreat Dharma Talks

The New Years Retreat Insight Meditation

2007-12-28 (4 days) Gaia House

2007-12-28 The Wisdom of Boredom 45:22
Christina Feldman
Boredom stimulates agitation and discontent and is most often perceived as a state to be avoided. Seen wisely, boredom is a rich and fertile ground of understanding.
2007-12-29 What is Insight? 59:58
Rob Burbea
This talk presents a map and overview of the path of Insight Meditation, exploring the different kinds and levels of insight available to us, the possible avenues for its development and deepening, and some of the many ways we can nurture and strengthen its unfolding.
2007-12-31 Joy 65:12
Rob Burbea
The Buddha placed great emphasis on joy (mudita) and Happiness (sukkha) as part of the path. This talk explores the place of these beautiful and precious qualities in our practice, and life. What are the foundations of happiness? What is it that allows the heart to open to joy?
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