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The greatest gift is the
gift of the teachings
Retreat Dharma Talks

Kindness, Tranquility and Insight

2006-06-30 (9 days) Gaia House

2006-07-01 The Ethics of Love 67:42
John Peacock
2006-07-02 Habit, Character and Love 1:14:01
John Peacock
2006-07-03 The Path to Awakening 1:10:58
John Peacock
2006-07-04 Change and Impermanence as a Way of Being 1:16:16
John Peacock
One of the greatest challenges that confronts us is how we are to live with impermanence and not attempt to evade it.
2006-07-05 Dependent Origination and Craving 1:19:37
John Peacock
An examination of the Buddha's most profound teaching, and what it means to us in everyday life.
2006-07-06 Varieties of Cultivation 1:17:37
John Peacock
A guide to the varieties of meditative practices, and the difference between them.
2006-07-07 Patterning Samsara 1:18:55
John Peacock
2006-07-08 Healing the Heart Through Compassion 1:20:33
John Peacock
How compassion can become a healing way of being in the world, and how it affects all of our inter-relationships with others.
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