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Retreat Dharma Talks

Loving What Is (whether we like it or not)

2011-02-11 (2 days) Gaia House

2011-02-11 Opening Talk for Loving What Is (whether we like it or not) 46:52
Martin Aylward
This talk explores maintaining an open and inquiring attitude to all that arises. We are reminded that there is no wrong experience, no feeling we shouldn't have; that all experience is worthy of our caring, curious, contactful attention.
2011-02-12 Making Space for Fear 47:31
Martin Aylward
We naturally want to reject, ignore, deny, our unpleasant experience. In this talk Martin both encourages us and shows how to turn our attention "fearwards", daring to look deeply and to see clearly through our defenses and distractions, to freedom from fear.
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