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Grounded and Spacious: A Retreat for Experienced Women Practitioners

In this retreat for women who are grounded in an established personal meditation practice, our focus will be on developing continuity of embodied awareness by honoring our own individual rhythms. Each woman will be supported to explore her natural access to wisdom awareness within the circle of women and the sacred container of silence.

An open, flexible and self-guided schedule of sitting and movement--within an atmosphere of relaxation and spaciousness--will invite a deepening presence to each moment of our lives. A gentle, flowing yoga practice will help us open to our own intuitive wisdom as we explore the balance between form and formlessness, structure and spontaneity.

2011-10-30 (8 days) Spirit Rock Meditation Center

2011-11-05 Guided Meditation 36:48
Julie Wester
Cultivating grounded, spacious inclusive awareness. Guided meditation to support establishing awareness of body and breath expanding to receive flow of all existence.
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