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Retreat Dharma Talks

July 2012 at IMS - Forest Refuge

2012-07-01 (31 days) Insight Meditation Society - Forest Refuge

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2012-07-20 Questions and Answers 64:13
Bhante Khippapanno
Mindfulness and thinking, momentary concentration, kamma, how to develop the five controlling faculties.
2012-07-23 Questions and Answers 1:15:41
Bhante Khippapanno
Pilgrimage to the Buddhist Sacred Sites
2012-07-25 Questions and Answers 67:13
Bhante Khippapanno
Right attitude, dangers of sensual desire. How to note during walking meditation.
2012-07-27 Questions and Answers 68:11
Bhante Khippapanno
Different gestures of the Buddha, The four elements, Bhante's learning of the contemplation of consciousness.
2012-07-29 Questions and Answers 67:08
Bhante Khippapanno
How to address a Dharma teacher, different techniques in the Four Foundations Of Mindfulness
2012-07-30 Questions and Answers 1:50:21
Bhante Khippapanno
Coping with greed and aversion, contemplation of visual objects, standing posture, Issues of inequality of monks and nuns in the sangha.
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