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Retreat Dharma Talks

May Insight Retreat

Vipassana retreat

2012-05-13 (8 days) Spirit Rock Meditation Center

2012-05-14 This - Here - Dharma 56:08
Gil Fronsdal
2012-05-15 How Does the Heart Let Go? 50:32
Mary Grace Orr
Being with things as they are and letting go are very difficult. The friendly and open heart support us in this work.
2012-05-16 Vulnerability and The Good Heart 45:08
John Travis
Stories help point to the possibility of opening to what is difficult and what is beautiful.
2012-05-17 The Eightfold Path and Liberation 58:50
Andrea Fella
An exploration of how the noble eightfold path is a lived path and lends to the ending of greed, aversion and delusion -- liberation.
2012-05-18 The Four Resolves 54:35
Gil Fronsdal
2012-05-19 Opening The Heart To Mystery 58:33
Mary Grace Orr
On not knowing as the path to awakening...
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