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Retreat Dharma Talks

Mindfulness in Education - A Retreat and Training

2012-07-24 (6 days) Spirit Rock Meditation Center

2012-07-25 The Challenges of Mindfulness on Retreat and in Life 60:14
Richard Shankman
2012-07-26 Teaching from Presence 28:17
Diana Winston
This talk, given at a retreat for educators, is geared toward people who wish to share mindfulness with others. It is about how to teach from an embodied presence connected to mindfulness, how to recognize it, what gets in the way, and how to repair it.
2012-07-27 Cultivating Self-Compassion 53:47
Diana Winston
This talk explores the three components of self-compassion: 1. mindfulness to deal with self-critical thinking; 2. loving kindness, to increase our sense of love for ourselves; 3. and shared humanity, the recognition that we are not alone.
2012-07-28 Compassion, Cultural Sensitivity and Diversity 23:30
Richard Shankman
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