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Retreat Dharma Talks

Concentration Retreat

Concentration (samadhi) defined as the collection and unification of the mind, was emphasized by the Buddha as one of the aspects of the Eightfold Path. It can bring joy to your practice and develop the skillful use of pleasure in the meditative process. Whatever your level of practice, you can improve your Insight Meditation (Vipassana) by strengthening your concentration skills. Your ability to concentrate will develop in response to the attention you give it.

This retreat offers a series of techniques for staying on the meditation object for extended periods of time. We will explore the factors of concentration that lead to the deep absorption states known as jhana. Teachers will also give instruction for utilizing concentration during insight practice.

2012-08-13 (10 days) Spirit Rock Meditation Center

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2012-08-18 How Intention and Energy Support Concentration 62:40
Phillip Moffitt
Collecting and unifying the mind requires both the immediacy of intention and the energy for patience and persistence. Developing clarity of intention and utilizing the three kind of energy may deepen your experience of concentration.
2012-08-19 Morning Instructions Day Six 55:22
Sally Armstrong
2012-08-19 Using Concentration to See Things as They Are 66:46
Andrea Fella
The Buddha encouraged us to cultivate concentration for the purpose of seeing into the nature of our experience - as impermanent, unreliable, and not-self.
2012-08-20 Morning Instructions Day Seven 57:16
Phillip Moffitt
2012-08-20 How Samadhi Supports Insight 62:05
Tempel Smith
In both the development of Samadhi and the turning toward Insight, wisdom develops to help free the heart and mind.
2012-08-21 Morning Instructions Day Eight 54:13
Andrea Fella
2012-08-21 Gladdening the Heart, Training the Mind 54:39
Sally Armstrong
As we do the practice of samatha (tranquility) meditation, it is important not to strive towards any particular experience but rather to see the practice as a training of the mind that leads to well being and happiness here and now.
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