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Retreat Dharma Talks

Study Retreat: A Buddhist Secular Retreat

2012-07-14 (8 days) Gaia House

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2012-07-15 Meditation and Mindfulness 47:29
Martine Batchelor
Exploring a caring and careful mindfulness and making the connection with concentration and experiential enquiry.
2012-07-15 The Everyday Sublime 63:38
Stephen Batchelor
Reflections on the origins and aims of meditation understood as a sensibility rather than a technique.
2012-07-16 Loving Kindness 58:31
Martine Batchelor
Exploring the phrases and the meaning and practice of happiness, safety, and ease and their connection to contentment
2012-07-16 Radical Attention 59:28
Stephen Batchelor
Reflections on meditation as radical attention (yoniso manasikara), mindfulness of breathing, and the Satipatthana Sutta.
2012-07-17 Contact and Creative Engagement 53:55
Martine Batchelor
Looking at the process of grasping which makes us proliferate & exaggerate and creative engagement which helps us to be clear and flexible in our daily life.
2012-07-17 The Hindrances 58:59
Stephen Batchelor
Reflections on the five hindrances as understood through their personification in the figure of Mara (the demonic).
2012-07-18 No Thoughts? 55:44
Martine Batchelor
What does it mean to have no thoughts? Exploring our mental landscape.
2012-07-18 The Five Bundles 60:21
Stephen Batchelor
Reflections on the Buddha's understanding of human experience as differentiated through the five bundles (khandha/aggregates).
2012-07-19 Vedana 58:29
Martine Batchelor
Exploring how one can become aware of feeling tones and how this could help us in our daily life.
2012-07-19 The Four 60:46
Stephen Batchelor
Reflections on the Four (noble truths/tasks) as the culmination of the practice of mindfulness as described in the Satipatthana Sutta.
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