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Retreat Dharma Talks

March Insight Meditation - 1 Month Retreat

2013-03-04 (28 days) Spirit Rock Meditation Center

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2013-03-04 Entering Retreat 27:42
Winnie Nazarko
A welcoming talk for retreatants joining an on-going long retreat. Description of the process of forming community, and entering silence. An exploration of the power of motivation as retreatants turn to the Great Task.
2013-03-05 Who Am I? The Question of Identity 54:53
Jack Kornfield
How the practice of loving awareness allows a profound shift of identity from a small limited sense of self to spacious wisdom.
2013-03-06 Generosity, Discipline & Renunciation 52:24
Lila Kate Wheeler
Practicing the first 3 Paramitas: Giving loving attention, Discipline of being present, Renunciation of loving the life you have.
2013-03-07 My Encounter with Mindfulness 51:29
Pascal Auclair
2013-03-08 Part 1: Not Stealing, Lying and the Pabhassara Citta 51:48
Trudy Goodman
First of 2 talks about the five precepts as instruction for meditation practice; as both path to and expression of our pabhassara citta, radiant clear mind.
2013-03-09 The Tattered Self 48:33
John Travis
Poem and then explore aspect of not-self and relative self
2013-03-11 Saddha 38:59
Winnie Nazarko
Understanding Saddha (faith) the first of the 5 Spiritual Faculties. How this Buddhist version of faith is different from naive faith, authoritarian faith and consumer faith. What is called faith when we practice this capacity of mind.
2013-03-12 Compassion 56:48
Jack Kornfield
How to hold the whole path of awakening with the great heart of compassion.
2013-03-13 Compassion to Wisdom 48:55
Lila Kate Wheeler
Deeply conditioned clinging to self does not survive investigation
2013-03-14 Five Rivers Running Through 63:16
Pascal Auclair
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