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2012-04-05 (25 days) Mountain Hermitage

2012-04-08 Concentration 67:09
Marcia Rose
2012-04-12 Afflictive Emotions 1:15:57
Marcia Rose
2012-04-15 Beautiful States of Mind 54:30
Marcia Rose
2012-04-17 Metta 1:13:25
Marcia Rose
2012-04-20 Kamma 59:06
Marcia Rose
2012-04-24 Generosity 1:16:32
Marcia Rose
2012-04-28 Wise Speech. 58:24
Annie Nugent
Bringing awareness to the words and attitudes we use in speech can be very revealing - and a powerful path to freedom if we have the determination to work with this factor of the 8 fold path.
2012-04-29 Practice Here, There and Everywhere 63:31
Marcia Rose
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