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2009-06-05 (25 days) Mountain Hermitage

2009-06-05 Vipassana Instructions 1:22:44
Sayadaw Vivekananda
2009-06-06 Samvega or Spiritual Urgency 52:44
Marcia Rose
2009-06-08 Mindfulness of the Body 1:18:13
Marcia Rose
2009-06-13 Impermanence, Gateway to Liberation 1:25:58
Marcia Rose
2009-06-16 Transformation of Afflictive States of Mind 1:19:50
Marcia Rose
2009-06-18 Compassion 64:07
Marcia Rose
2009-06-22 Wise Concentration 53:33
Marcia Rose
2009-06-25 Equanimity 1:14:10
Marcia Rose
2009-06-29 The Parami of Generosity 1:18:09
Marcia Rose
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