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Retreat Dharma Talks

Transforming Ourselves, Transforming the World: A Mindfulness Meditation weekend for LGBTIQ Communities

The practice of Mindfulness and Lovingkindness from the Buddhist tradition deepens our insight into truth about ourselves and the conditions in which we live, while cultivating an open heart and an inner home. In creating the peace and openness within our own hearts and minds, we can fully be engaged with creating the peace and kindness that the world so urgently needs. This will be a silent meditation retreat and the practice of Mindfulness will be experienced through silent sitting, walking, movement, and eating meditations. There will be a time for mindful group sharing as well. The retreat offers a unique opportunity for Queer and Same Gender Loving identified folks to be together in spiritual community.

Open to all levels of meditation—new, beginner, or experienced. You do not have to call yourself a Buddhist to benefit from meditation. Please join us, get on a cushion or chair, settle your mind, keep your heart open, and see what you discover!

2013-04-12 (4 days) Garrison Institute

2013-04-12 Opening Night Part 3 37:18
Larry Yang
Part Two of the 2013 Garrison LGBTQ retreat opening evening--the Precepts
2013-04-13 Morning guidance 58:51
Larry Yang
Invitations into Mindfulness and Walking practice
2013-04-13 Invitation into Lovingkindness 38:08
Larry Yang
Metta practice
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