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The greatest gift is the
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Retreat Dharma Talks

The Zen Retreat

2013-04-19 (7 days) Gaia House

2013-04-19 Opening Talk 55:50
Stephen Batchelor
This talk also includes Martine Batchelor
2013-04-20 Exploring Awakening and the Three Refuges 50:11
Martine Batchelor
Looking at the meaning of selflessness and what would support our practice.
2013-04-21 Clearly Visible but Hard to See 51:21
Stephen Batchelor
How the term Dharma as defined in the Pali Canon might be considered from a Zen Buddhist perspective.
2013-04-22 Smelling the Roses 55:45
Martine Batchelor
Exploring how we come into contact through our senses and can creatively engage with our environment.
2013-04-23 Your Original Face 61:24
Stephen Batchelor
How the grounds of nirvana and conditionality to which the Buddha awoke can be understood in terms of the Zen image of ones original face.
2013-04-24 Spiralling 54:15
Martine Batchelor
Presenting the different stages of the path and the process of meditation.
2013-04-25 A Solar Buddhism 65:17
Stephen Batchelor
How the metaphor of the sun informed the early Buddhist community in India and might also inspire a contemporary vision of the Dharma.
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