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Retreat Dharma Talks

August 2014 at IMS - Forest Refuge

2014-08-01 (31 days) Insight Meditation Society - Forest Refuge

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2014-08-02 Orientations - Satipaṭṭhāna as a map of experience. 53:32
Akincano Marc Weber
Four channels: a glimpse of the Satipatthana teachings for a change not as meditation exercises but as a model of human experience.
2014-08-07 Reflection: Six forms of Contemplation of Body (kāyanānupassanā)" 24:40
Akincano Marc Weber
Brief overview of the 6 satipatthana sections on contemplation of the body
2014-08-08 Meditation: Methods – Techniques – Attitudes 66:38
Akincano Marc Weber
Bhāvana is more than technique. Myths and misconceptions around methods. Understanding personal temperament in our choice of method.
2014-08-09 Reflection: Two dimensions of attentional training. Some similes" 21:17
Akincano Marc Weber
Descriptions: Temporal continuity and spatial stability as the two ways of practicing attentional focus across Buddhist Traditions. Four commentarial similes for mindfulness of breathing.
2014-08-12 What Is Essential? 51:37
Sky Dawson
Looking at right view, which is essentially understanding the truths of existence upon which our lives revolve.
2014-08-14 Reflection. Feeling tone (vedanā) 39:30
Akincano Marc Weber
What it is and how to practice with it in the context of Satipatthana
2014-08-15 Reflection. Mind (citta) and contemplation of mind (cittānupassanā) 22:37
Akincano Marc Weber
What citta means in the discourses; key qualities to be inquired into from the cittānupassanā-section of the Satipatthana-Sutta
2014-08-15 Clear Comprehension in the Suttas (sampajañña) 47:38
Akincano Marc Weber
A look at Sati’s friend: role and references in the discourses
2014-08-16 Reflection. Follow-up on Clear Comprehension: Relating to the meditational process. 44:19
Akincano Marc Weber
Description: We don’t approach our meditation practice neutrally. Understanding need, bias, inclination in our approach to practice. About labeling as a sampajañña practice; Practical suggestions on questioning the breath and a glimpse on commentarial suggestions on how to go about mindfulness of breathing (Vism)
2014-08-21 Reflection. Cittānupassanā continued. Sati as relationship; the construction of relationship in analogy to our senses. Ways in: Three practical entry points into the contemplation of mind. 26:32
Akincano Marc Weber
Follow-up on Contemplation of mind from previous week. Need to clarify the "how“ of being mindful rather than habitually resort to a – possibly unconscious – way of doing so. (Examples) How to find an entry to Contemplations of mind-states and learning to understand them rather than marinate in them.
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