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The greatest gift is the
gift of the teachings
Retreat Dharma Talks

Retreat with Sharda Rogell

These are talks digitised from Gaia House's cassette tape archive. Though their sound quality and date accuracy sometimes suffer, we nonetheless hope you find them nourishing.

2000-10-01 (6 days) Gaia House

2000-10-01 Current of True Being 38:04
Sharda Rogell
2000-10-02 Increasing Our Capacity for Life 40:01
Sharda Rogell
2000-10-03 Relating Wisely with the Things of This Life 42:06
Sharda Rogell
2000-10-04 A Wise Relationship with all Things 44:22
Sharda Rogell
2000-10-05 Can My Eyes Truly See (2) 54:49
Sharda Rogell
2000-10-06 Basic Trust - Holding it Together When Things are Falling Apart 52:32
Sharda Rogell
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