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The greatest gift is the
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Retreat Dharma Talks

February 2015 at IMS - Forest Refuge

2015-02-01 (28 days) Insight Meditation Society - Forest Refuge

2015-02-06 Investigation 68:43
Winnie Nazarko
Mindfulness used investigatively leads to insight. Insight leads to liberation/freedom of mind and heart. this talk describes how to "investigate" in meditation practice.
2015-02-13 Equanimity 55:42
Winnie Nazarko
The "Peace That Passes Understanding" is a hallmark of many spiritual traditions, when they are practiced in depth. This talk discusses what equanimity is and how it is utilized in meditation practice.
2015-02-17 Working Smart 54:29
Winnie Nazarko
The Buddha speaks of the need to apply oneself, in order to wake up. But doing this wisely is key - not all effort is skillful. This talk discusses Wise Effort, and how to discern it.
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