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The greatest gift is the
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Retreat Dharma Talks

May 1 to June 14 2015 at IMS - Forest Refuge

2015-05-01 (45 days) Insight Meditation Society - Forest Refuge

2015-05-04 The Art Of Renunciation 61:18
Joseph Goldstein
Learning to see how renunciation is the practice of non-addiction - the gateway to different levels of freedom
2015-05-11 Right view 59:06
Joseph Goldstein
Right view as both the beginning and ending of the path - Includes discussion of the four noble truths and the five aggregates from the perspective of non-self.
2015-05-18 Working With Thoughts and Emotions 62:00
Joseph Goldstein
How to understand and work with thoughts and emotions in the context of mindfulness and liberation.
2015-05-25 Morning Reflection - Mood and Emotion 15:03
Joseph Goldstein
2015-05-25 Equanimity: The Gateway To Enlightenment 54:18
Joseph Goldstein
Exploring the understanding and practice of equanimity in our meditation and in our lives.
2015-06-01 Morning Reflection - Mindfulness Of Knowing 16:39
Joseph Goldstein
2015-06-01 Q&A 63:08
Joseph Goldstein
2015-06-08 Morning Reflection 15:41
Joseph Goldstein
Let Go Of The Past, Let Go Of The Future, Let Go Of The Present, And Cross Over To The Further Shore
2015-06-08 Intrinsically empty, Naturally Radiant - Relative and Ultimate Bodichitta Part I 57:41
Joseph Goldstein
An exploration of emptiness and awareness - how we experience this in our practice and in our lives
2015-06-12 Intrinsically empty, Naturally Radiant - Relative and Ultimate Bodichitta Part II 57:21
Joseph Goldstein
Compassion as an act of emptiness
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