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Retreat Dharma Talks

August 2015 at IMS - Forest Refuge

2015-08-01 (31 days) Insight Meditation Society - Forest Refuge

2015-08-07 When You Can't Get There From Here 53:13
Winnie Nazarko
Motivation is the key to practice. As we actually do practice, our initial hopes, desires and questions may deepen, be replaced, or be refined in light of emerging understanding
2015-08-14 The Progress Of Insight - Part 1 1:13:59
Winnie Nazarko
What are the "insights" which Insight Meditation cultivates? This talk, first of three on "The Progress Of Insight" teachings, explains what the practice discovers, and what needs to be in place for these discoveries to be possible. Review of the first three insights.
2015-08-21 The Progress Of Insight - Part 2 58:50
Winnie Nazarko
A brief review of the previous talk (The Progress Of Insight - Part 1) followed by a discussion of what is called "The Arising and Passing Away Of Phenomena" stge. The "Ten corruptions Of Insight" are described, and how to relate to these with skill.
2015-08-28 The Progress Of Insight - Part 3 62:05
Winnie Nazarko
The last talk of a series of three, this discusses practicing in the "Dukkha Nanas". stages of distress and difficulty which arise before equanimity emerges.
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