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Retreat Dharma Talks

Life, Death, Etc. ...All in a Year!

If we woke up each morning knowing we only had a year to live what would change? How would we greet the day, our partner, our job? Until we are directly confronted with our own mortality most of us live life as if it will never end.

This is a class about living fully each moment of our lives. Over twelve months we will live as though this is our last year. We will reflect upon life and death from the Buddhist perspective incorporating other spiritual traditions as well.

It is a class for people of any age regardless of your health. The class will involve four day-long retreats, through the year, 8 weekend afternoon sessions and some evening sessions for additional support. Between sessions participants will receive readings and exercises for contemplation and reflection.

We encourage participants to be fully committed to this process and not to take the class casually. There will be moments of intense sadness, considerable joy and everything in between.

2015-01-24 (330 days) New York Insight Meditation Center

2015-03-28 Listening to the Heart - Sat. PM 64:23
Kittisaro, Thanissara
This Dharma teaches “our heart / mind (citta) is already pure, luminous, free and endowed with wisdom.” Realizing this is the fruit of practice while the embodiment of this truth is the path of practice. To walk this path is a life time undertaking which is made all the sweeter through fellowship within “beloved community.” This weekend we explore teachings and practices of freedom while deepening support of ourselves within community. Besides drawing from classical teachings of Dharma and meditation, we will also focus on practices and teachings from Kuan Yin bodhisattva of deep wisdom and compassion, who is a metaphor for our true heart. There will be Dharma teachings, meditation practice, discussion, chanting, ceremony and cultivation of authentic inquiry.
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