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Retreat Dharma Talks

Aging, Dying and Awakening

Living life fully includes aging and dying. It's a natural process, and ripe with spiritual possibilities. Aging brings loss - what we once assumed to be "ours" slips away, revealing the pervasive truth of impermanence. But even as our memory slides, our cognitive speed slows down, and our bodies become more fragile, qualities of the heart reveal themselves.

We see that the potential for wisdom and compassion does not depend on the state of the body or on our age, but rather on the training of the mind to abide in timeless awareness. It is best to begin this training before you are ill or dying. Then, like a treasured friend, your own mind can accompany you through the challenges of aging, loss, illness and dying. Right now, we know we will die but we do not know when or how. Through engaging in a variety of contemplations on death in the communal space of retreat, our confidence in our capacity to meet death peacefully increases.

2015-06-08 (7 days) Spirit Rock Meditation Center

2015-06-09 Heavenly Messengers 43:04
Anna Douglas
The Buddha-to-be had to leave his comfort zone in order to awaken, so must we. The Heavenly Messengers invite us on that journey.
2015-06-10 This Precious Human Life 44:57
Ruth King
Exploring this precious birth, views on death, and the promise of practice.
2015-06-11 Wisdom of Aging 62:01
Eugene Cash
Exploring the paradox of aging and dharma practice. Through dharma practice we discover the possibility of maturing as a human at ages 50 and older. Meditation uncovers what we know and the unknown through our presence, awareness and curiosity. The Two Truths reveal both conventional and ultimate truths of reality as we continue to practice.
2015-06-13 Do you know what it feels like to be free? 44:53
Ruth King
Bringing our loving offerings into the world as a creative expression of practice.
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