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Retreat Dharma Talks

2015 IMCW Women's Retreat - The Heart of Buddhist Meditation

Explore the transformative power of Buddhist mindfulness and heart meditations in the sacred space of spiritual community. This retreat will include dharma talks, guided sitting and walking meditations, group interviews, and mindful movement. Much of our time together will be held in noble silence.

2015-06-25 (4 days) Insight Meditation Community of Washington DC

2015-06-26 "Coming Back" - Meditation Instructions with Q and A 13:27
Tara Brach
A special recording from the first morning of the 2015 IMCW Women's Retreat that offers further guidance and addresses some frequently asked questions about meditation.
2015-06-26 Unfolding of the Sacred Feminine (retreat talk) 60:01
Tara Brach
The sacred feminine expresses the qualities of heart that emerge as we open beyond identifying with the egoic, separate self. In this talk, Tara tracks a series of challenging experiences in her own life that catalized an awakening of heart, and explores how for each of us, the places of difficulty can help us realize our belonging to life and the loving awareness that is our true essence.
2015-06-27 Heart Meditation: Three Domains of Forgiveness 34:13
Tara Brach
Instruction and guided meditation on the three domains of forgiveness.
2015-06-27 You Can't Always Get What You Want 56:16
La Sarmiento
When we have the courage to be with life as it unfolds, we have access to experiences that transform suffering into wisdom.
2015-06-28 Question and Response at Closing with Tara Brach, La Sarmiento, and Luisa Montero-Diaz 34:55
La Sarmiento
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