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Retreat Dharma Talks

Embodying the Heart of Wisdom: New Year’s Retreat

The Buddha's teachings offer a pathway to discover inner peace, freedom and the compassionate heart. Through understanding the way things are, we can come to know what it means to awaken in the midst of our life, to be deeply connected to our experience, and yet not bound by it. This silent retreat will focus on cultivating a quality of conscious presence that embraces our heart, mind and body with acceptance and wisdom.

2016-12-29 (10 days) Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center

2017-01-02 On the role of hedonic tone (vedanā) in meditation. 47:16
Akincano Marc Weber
Reflections and an exercise.
2017-01-02 Guided metta meditation 45:58
Catherine McGee
Abiding and pervading with attention to abiding "in" and "as" the bigger body of earth.
2017-01-02 Embracing our aliveness. 65:22
Yanai Postelnik
2017-01-03 Morning Instructions 51:06
Yanai Postelnik
2017-01-03 Reflections and Guided Meditation 38:36
Akincano Marc Weber
Reflections on the four universal forms of empathy (brahmavihāra) and a brief guided mediation on muditā
2017-01-04 Morning instructions and reflections. 51:49
Catherine McGee
Deepening and opening to investigate Citta.
2017-01-04 Guided Meditation On Foregivness 40:14
Yanai Postelnik
2017-01-04 Grasping and Identification (upādāna) 69:59
Akincano Marc Weber
Where the heart gets stuck. From the metaphor to its 4 specific applications.
2017-01-05 Morning Reflection 49:14
Yanai Postelnik
2017-01-05 Guided Metta meditation. 45:20
Akincano Marc Weber
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