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Retreat Dharma Talks


2015-08-10 (10 days) Spirit Rock Meditation Center

2015-08-11 Samadhi as a Practice and as Result 60:38
Phillip Moffitt
There is wisdom in exploring concentration practice as a skilled means which one is intentionally developing. And, there is wisdom in exploring concentration as a phenomenon of a contented mind. This is the distinction of smatha or samadhi.
2015-08-12 Factors that Hinder and Support Concentration 57:05
Andrea Fella
2015-08-13 Factors of Awakening 58:31
Sally Armstrong
The seven factors of awakening develop and strengthen naturally as we practice, but knowing this map helps us incline towards them. This talk focuses on developing them in concentration practice.
2015-08-14 The Pleasure of Samadhi 64:12
Eugene Cash
The wise use of pleasure in Buddhism and meditation practice.
2015-08-15 The Interplay of Stillness and Movement in Samadhi 56:25
Phillip Moffitt
Developing samma samadhi is in part becoming mindful of the many dimensions of movement and stillness as they interplay.
2015-08-16 Concentration in the Service of Liberation 61:29
Andrea Fella
2015-08-17 Concentration and the Path of Practice 56:33
Sally Armstrong
Concentration is an important part of any meditation practice, but not an end in itself. We can use the steady attentive mind to turn to the nature of reality, revealing the essential truths that can free us from confusion.
2015-08-18 A Life of Practice 58:37
Eugene Cash
Storying, practicing and realizing the Dharma, erasing the line between retreat and everyday life practice.
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