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Retreat Dharma Talks


2015-10-16 (8 days) Cloud Mountain Retreat Center

2015-10-17 Right Views 58:20
Steve Armstrong
2015-10-18 Encouraging Counsel 53:42
Steve Armstrong
2015-10-19 Right Understanding of Torments 61:28
Steve Armstrong
2015-10-20 Morning Instructions 17:44
Steve Armstrong
2015-10-20 Questions and Answers 61:47
Alexis Santos
2015-10-21 Awareness: Five Spiritual Faculties in Balance 64:03
Steve Armstrong
2015-10-22 with Alexis Santos Home Practice, Qs and As, Legacy of Dana 66:40
Steve Armstrong
2015-10-22 Archeology of Heart: Exploring the Layers of Conditioning 52:46
Steve Armstrong
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