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Retreat Dharma Talks

Thanksgiving Insight Retreat

2015-11-20 (10 days) Spirit Rock Meditation Center

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2015-11-26 Morning Instructions; Day 6 54:06
2015-11-26 Opening to Mystery: The Evolutionary Journey Home 61:35
Sebene Selassie
with Thanissara: Trusting the intuitive mind through embodied awareness. Honoring the importance of indigenous knowledge.
2015-11-27 Morning Instructions, Day 7 58:30
2015-11-28 Morning Instructions, Day 8 61:05
Jaya Rudgard
2015-11-28 The Path in a Finger Snap 63:18
Cultivating agility in practice. Calming, focusing on change, letting go into emptiness. Welcoming all conditions, kindness and compassion. The balance of letting go and embracing. Opening to the mystery.
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