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Retreat Dharma Talks

Settling, Seeing and Spacious Awareness: A Retreat for Experienced Practitioners

2016-04-03 (8 days) Spirit Rock Meditation Center

2016-04-03 Settling, Seeing, and Spacious Awareness: An Overview of the Retreat 24:01
Donald Rothberg
2016-04-04 The Art of Samadhi 43:59
Brian Lesage
This talk explores the art of cultivating samadhi by offering an initial understanding of it.
2016-04-05 From Samadhi Practice to Insight Practice 66:01
Donald Rothberg
We explore further the nature of samadhi practice, then examine the relationship of samadhi practice and insight practice generally. We focus for most of the talk on practicing "three ways of seeing"--seeing impermanence, dukkha (reactivity, unsatisfactoriness), and anatta (not-self)--with an emphasis on practicing with seeing impermanence.
2016-04-06 Ways of Seeing Experience: Practicing with Dukkha and Anatta 61:37
Brian Lesage
This talk explores the process of clearly seeing the arising of reactivity in a way that leads to our freedom. It also offers reflections on opening up to the selfless aspect of our experience.
2016-04-08 Easing into the Boundless 62:58
Brian Lesage
This talk offers a way of exploring awareness itself.
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