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The greatest gift is the
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Retreat Dharma Talks

Your Life is Your Teacher

2016-03-12 (5 days) Gaia House

2016-03-13 Morning Reflections on Awareness of Body Breathing 26:37
Martin Aylward
2016-03-13 Inclining Towards Freedom - Clarity, Skilfulness and Love 52:25
Martin Aylward
Martin looks at qualities of mind that open up our Freedom of Being.He explores how Clarity dissolves our wrong views, how Skilfulness transforms our habits of mind, and how Love can hold all types of experience gently and wisely. The talk keeps references our common experiences, offering practical ways to integrate the teachings.
2016-03-14 Morning Reflections on Sustaining & Returning to Presence 52:24
Martin Aylward
2016-03-14 Life is Your Teacher 47:32
Martin Aylward
Martin asks us first to consider what we really mean by my life, and points beneath the roles, beliefs and activities by which we usually define our lives, to the basic elements of our experience - sensory input, feelings, perceptions, concepts and consciousness. The talk opens up these elements, seeing how our attention to them can teach us, and exploring how we can track, explore and understand our experience as it presents itself, allowing us to respond more fully and freely to the mysterious unfolding display of what we call my life.
2016-03-15 Morning Reflections on Awareness and the Tone of Experience 17:47
Martin Aylward
2016-03-15 The Inner and Outer Practice of Dharma - Meeting Experiences Generously 36:33
Martin Aylward
Dana is the practice of generosity as a foundation for happiness or the art of living freely and openly. This talk explores how we can transform the heart in generously meeting ourselves, others and the world around us. We see how qualities of Dana - Generosity, offering, supporting, nourishing, sustaining - are qualities with which to meet and respond skilfully to both outer' situations and inner experience.
2016-03-16 Morning Reflections on Inclusive Awareness 11:40
Martin Aylward
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