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The greatest gift is the
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Retreat Dharma Talks

Spring Insight Meditation Retreat

2016-04-29 (10 days) Spirit Rock Meditation Center (Yucca Valley)

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2016-05-04 Day Five Metta: Forgiveness 33:00
JoAnna Hardy
Short talk and practice.
2016-05-04 Fall into life: Simple Mindful Presence 62:38
Howard Cohn
Settling into our personal essence and noticing the different identity views.
2016-05-05 Day Six Instructions: Big Sky Big Mind 55:56
Jack Kornfield
2016-05-05 Day Six Metta for the Earth 36:57
Wes Nisker
2016-05-05 The Power of Mindfulness 51:01
George Mumford
Five spiritual powers: a joyful journey of self-discovery.
2016-05-06 Day 7 Instructions 64:01
Lila Kate Wheeler
2016-05-06 Day 7 Metta 41:49
George Mumford
2016-05-06 Three Refuges 58:58
Trudy Goodman
Trust the unfolding experience of reality in Dogen’s backward step. Trust yourself as a spiritual friend.
2016-05-07 Day 8 Instructions 55:20
Noah Levine
2016-05-07 The Bodhisattva Leaves a Retreat 65:49
Jack Kornfield
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