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Retreat Dharma Talks

Developing Compassion: The Fruit of our Practice

This will be a retreat of silent mindfulness meditation practice and the practices of compassion. There will be some periods of inquiry, exploring the wise integration of compassion into our everyday lives, as well as guided practices for that integration.

2016-05-02 (7 days) Spirit Rock Meditation Center

2016-05-03 The Four Thoughts That Change the Mind 51:50
Mary Grace Orr
Four reflections which can inspire the deepening of our practice.
2016-05-04 Absolute and Relative Compassion 59:33
Norman Fischer
Becoming intimate with your suffering, experiencing joy; developing compassion.
2016-05-05 Empathy Hurts - Compassion Connects and Heals 60:21
Christiane Wolf
The difference between empathy and compassion, self compassion vs self-pity, negative mind slogans and "Transform bad circumstances into the path"
2016-05-07 Compassion Slogans 65:38
Norman Fischer
About how to practice with slogans and a few specific slogans to practice with.
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