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The greatest gift is the
gift of the teachings
Retreat Dharma Talks

Mindfulness for Educators

2016-06-24 (6 days) Vallecitos Mountain Retreat Center

2016-06-25 First Evening Reflections 26:30
Erin Treat
An exploration of mindfulness and its capability to help us see clearly.
2016-06-26 First day Heart Practice 23:42
JoAnna Hardy
Light intro into loving our own tender hearts.
2016-06-27 Morning Instruction 23:32
JoAnna Hardy
How stabilizing and collecting our mind helps us open up to our greater wisdom and seeing.
2016-06-27 Heart Practic Day Two 29:41
Erin Treat
Kindness to self, kindness toward the land and receiving from the land.
2016-06-27 Evening Talk: What Can I Control/ What Can't I Control 29:51
JoAnna Hardy
A secular talk on the wisdom of letting go that which we can't control (aging, death, others, etc.) and which we can through our words, actions and thoughts.
2016-06-28 Council Description and Practice 15:28
JoAnna Hardy
Brief description of council practice.
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