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Retreat Dharma Talks

Insight Meditation for Young Adults (18 - 32)

In this retreat we will quiet our minds and open our hearts through the practices of mindfulness, insight and loving-kindness meditations. Together we will come to see that freedom is possible through meeting ourselves, our relationships and our world more fully with deepening wisdom, compassion and acceptance. This retreat will include silent and guided meditations, periods of sitting and walking meditation, qigong, practice meetings with the teachers, dharma talks and a chance to build community.

2016-08-08 (7 days) Spirit Rock Meditation Center

2016-08-09 First Night of Retreat - Why and How We Practice 64:19
Tempel Smith
After twenty-four hours on a silent residential retreat we can already see the patterns of daily life being exposed. Too often we are lost and dominated by thought. Mindfulness practice allows us to see thought as transient experiences.
2016-08-10 Morning Sitting Meditation with Instructions - Day 3 58:07
Tempel Smith
2016-08-10 When Something Strong Calls Your Attention 64:30
Dori Langevin
Mindfulness and compassion meet the hindrances - recognizing, allowing, investigating with intimate attention and nourishing with compassion.
2016-08-11 Day 4 Guided Kindness Meditation: Forgiveness 30:23
Tempel Smith
2016-08-11 The Dharma of Accepting and Being Yourself 55:16
La Sarmiento
Cultivating courage through trust and faith to meet the "what is" in our lives allows us to remember our own innate goodness, our Buddhanature, to live life more fully no matter what.
2016-08-12 Morning Sitting Meditation with Instructions Day 5 52:50
La Sarmiento
2016-08-12 Day 4 Guided Kindness Meditation: Metta to Each Other 32:08
La Sarmiento
2016-08-13 Morning Sitting Meditation with Instructions Day 6 55:34
Teja Bell
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