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Retreat Dharma Talks

2016 IMCW Women's Retreat - The Heart of Buddhist Meditation

Explore the transformative power of Buddhist mindfulness and heart meditations in the sacred space of spiritual community. This retreat will include dharma talks, guided sitting and walking meditations, group interviews, and mindful movement. Much of our time together will be held in noble silence.

2016-08-25 (4 days) Insight Meditation Community of Washington DC

2016-08-26 Guided Heart Metta Meditation 36:33
La Sarmiento
2016-08-26 (retreat) Your Future Self - Turning Towards Your Awakened HeartMind 57:34
Tara Brach
Our lives are shaped by our evolutionary past - the fears and wants that arise from a separate self sense - and the pull of our evolutionary potential - our awakened heart and mind. This talk explores the power of these pulls, and the teachings and reflections that make us most available and responsive to the calling of our future self.
2016-08-27 Retreat - Morning Instruction and Guided Meditation 24:48
Tara Brach
2016-08-27 Retreat Instruction on RAIN with Question-Response 14:23
Tara Brach
2016-08-27 Guided Heart Meditation - Forgiveness 36:17
La Sarmiento
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