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Retreat Dharma Talks

Through Dhamma Eyes: Training in Awareness & Wisdom

Cultivating stable awareness of all experience is training in wisdom that reveals liberating insights into the nature of reality. We see that everything that appears, including ourselves, is simply the natural display of impersonal conditions giving rise to their lawful effect. When the mind is supported by skillful view and is unclouded by confusion, greed or negativity, reality is accurately recognized. This is seeing our world through the eyes of the dhamma, and is the foundation for well-being and liberation.

This silent retreat will guide us in developing stable awareness through teachings and instructions integrated from various Buddhist meditative traditions. Suitable for beginning as well as experienced students, the course will include scheduled meditations, chanting, movement, talks about the teachings and group check-ins with a teacher. It will also feature two self-scheduled periods daily, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, so that participants can discover their own rhythm of awareness while sitting, walking and during other activities. This supports continuity of mindfulness and confidence in our own practice, and strengthens our ability to take the awareness and wisdom developed on retreat out into our daily lives.

2017-04-16 (8 days) Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center

2017-04-17 Natural Awareness Wisdom 56:32
Steve Armstrong
2017-04-18 Awareness Instructions 59:46
Steve Armstrong
2017-04-19 Guided Meditation 61:44
Alexis Santos
Don't forget to recognize awareness.
2017-04-19 Torments: Known and Released 61:41
Steve Armstrong
2017-04-20 Morning Instructions Regarding Torments 62:42
Steve Armstrong
2017-04-20 Perception Of Impermanence 61:53
Carol Wilson
The power of steady awareness allows the true nature of experience to reveal itself.
2017-04-21 Q&A - Day five 56:54
Alexis Santos
2017-04-22 Eyes Of The World: Guided Meditation 46:05
Steve Armstrong
2017-04-22 A Wise Person Is Know By Their Actions 61:32
Carol Wilson
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