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Somnath Silent Retreat - Anandwan

Silent meditation retreat held before the Anandwan Work Retreat
2016-12-30 (9 days) Sangha Seva

2017-01-01 Day 1 Meditation Instructions - Breath Awareness; Long and Deep Breath 50:13
  Zohar Lavie
2017-01-02 Ways of Looking 51:14
  Zohar Lavie
2017-01-04 Acceptance 51:12
  Zohar Lavie
2017-01-05 Day 5 Meditation Instructions - Dukkha Way of Looking (Unsatisfactoriness) 55:46
  Zohar Lavie
2017-01-05 Practicing Metta with Sensations 42:17
  Zohar Lavie
Extending the practice of good will which is usually offered to all living beings to all phenomena of living experience
2017-01-06 Bodhichitta 49:53
  Zohar Lavie
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