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The greatest gift is the
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Dharma Talks Access for Retreatants

Anandwan Power of Love

Talks from the Anandwan Work Retreat in the "Forest of Bliss" community of Leprosy affected people and others outcasts from Indian society.
2017-01-08 (21 days) Sangha Seva

2017-01-14 Metta in Anandwan 42:54
  Zohar Lavie
2017-01-14 Meditation Instructions: Relaxing the Heart 40:40
  Zohar Lavie
2017-01-18 Generosity 52:07
  Zohar Lavie
2017-01-21 Tonglen - Giving and Receiving 44:00
  Zohar Lavie
2017-01-22 Compassion Meditation 41:09
  Zohar Lavie
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