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Retreat Dharma Talks

1997 Three Month Retreat

1997-09-20 (87 days) Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center

1997-11-02 Awakening: The Lotus Flower And The Mud 52:54
Michele McDonald
how does freedom happen?
1997-11-02 Trust & Courage 59:48
Kamala Masters
How we need trust and courage to open to selflessness.
In collection: Courageous Living
1997-11-06 Seven Factors Of Awakening: Concentrations And The Vipassana Jhanas 68:34
Steven Smith
Discussing concentrations: samatha and vipassana samadhi and exploring the vipassana jhanas and insight knowledge.
1997-11-08 Seven Factors Of Awakening: Calm 57:34
Steven Smith
Calm opens mind for deep inquiry - letting go of protective attitudes of longing and depression.
1997-11-17 Renunciation, Fear And Letting Go Of Control 54:07
Michele McDonald
finding the edge of our practice
1997-11-21 Seven Factors Of Awakening: Piti: Dhamma Pleasures 63:31
Steven Smith
Joy as a quality of awakening (5 kinds) and as the path of awakening.
1997-11-21 Seven Factors Of Awakening: Equanimity 65:10
Steven Smith
Equanimity allows for the balancing of mental states. Compassionate action comes out of equanimity.
1997-11-30 Equanimity With Endings 54:01
Michele McDonald
how to work with the timeless world with the pressure of the world of time
1997-12-05 Ten Beautiful Qualities-Paramis 1:10:30
Kamala Masters
stories of old that illuminate the ten Paramis
1997-12-10 Inner And Outer Harmony: Practice As A Way Of Life 46:58
Michele McDonald
valuing our spiritual life and ways to practice in the world
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