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Retreat Dharma Talks

Awakening the Heart, Freeing the Mind

This long weekend is an opportunity to cultivate our human potential for peace, freedom, and a responsive heart. By training our mind to attend with kindness and clarity to our present moment embodied experience, we transform our relationship to ourselves and to the world. This silent retreat will focus on cultivating the kind awareness that builds our capacity to meet our everyday experience with ease, happiness, and compassion. In addition to sitting and walking meditation, each day will include instructions, guided meditations, formal talks, times for questions, and small group meetings with the teacher. We plan to spend much of each day sitting and walking outside, allowing the natural world to inform and support our practice.

2014-08-14 (4 days) Sky Mind Retreats

2014-08-16 You're Beautiful- Knowing and Disempowering the Self Critic 55:37
Susie Harrington
Susie recounts the story of the Buddha's enlightenment and relates that story to how we can disempower our self-critic.
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