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Retreat Dharma Talks

Embodied Heart, Embodied Wisdom

We live our lives, and we wake up in this physical body. Through increased embodiment, we have the opportunity to experience more joy, heartfulness and wisdom. Everything happens right here in our bodies! With deepening understanding and respect, the vast amount of information and responsiveness that comes through our physical form can be accessed and integrated. The practice of meditation gives us the opportunity to connect deeply with our bodies and our present moment experience. As we deepen, the places of clinging, of separation from ourselves and from the world, become more evident. The embodied heart is naturally wise and responsive. By seeing and knowing our experience through the body, we release the obstacles to happiness, ease, and freedom.

2017-08-25 (5 days) Spirit Rock Meditation Center

2017-08-26 First Morning Instructions & Guided Meditation: Body Scan 59:44
Susie Harrington
2017-08-26 Guided Meditation: "Yes" and Friendliness to Self 25:46
Susie Harrington
2017-08-27 Second Morning Instructions: Challenges in Meditation and Guided Meditation-Whole Body Breathing 64:17
Susie Harrington
2017-08-27 Second Afternoon: Moving Meditation Practice 56:38
Anne Cushman
2017-08-27 Compassion Practice 25:34
Amana Brembry Johnson
Self Compassion as a passageway to unblock the heart.
2017-08-27 Working with Challenging Emotions 51:40
Susie Harrington
2017-08-28 Third Morning Instructions: Working with Thoughts and Guided Meditation 1:12:11
Susie Harrington
Breathing through the skin and working with thoughts.
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