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Retreat Dharma Talks

"Born on the 4th of July,1955 or After, Retreat (8 days)"

1999-08-13 (9 days) Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center

1999-08-15 The Core Teachings 50:28
Christopher Titmuss
what is our relationship to lifestyle, money and living wisely?
1999-08-15 Inquiry 58:16
Christopher Titmuss
1999-08-17 What's Behind Everything 53:46
Christopher Titmuss
we live in a world of desires and projections; in the past, present and future. Is there anything behind all this?
1999-08-17 Inquiry 62:22
Christopher Titmuss
1999-08-19 Mudita: Appreciative Joy 54:40
Christopher Titmuss
having to do things kills happiness, yet all beings want to be happy.
1999-08-19 Inquiry 53:07
Christopher Titmuss
1999-08-20 The Wonder Of Emptiness 53:37
Christopher Titmuss
the practical relevance of emptiness in daily life
1999-08-20 Inquiry 50:01
Christopher Titmuss
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