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Retreat Dharma Talks

Climate Change and Environmental Justice: Protecting the Future of Our Planet

Climate change may indeed be the most serious crisis facing the world today.

Does Buddhism have anything to contribute to our understanding of global warming? And can it offer any remedies?

In this program Ven. Bhikkhu Bodhi will offer a Buddhist perspective on the climate crisis, an exploration of its moral dimensions, and an overview of the kinds of actions that we must take if we are to prevent wholesale calamity.

2018-01-13 (1 day) New York Insight Meditation Center

2018-01-13 The Four Elements - First Guided Meditation 23:20
Bhikkhu Bodhi
2018-01-13 The Four Elements - Second Guided Meditation 22:14
Bhikkhu Bodhi
2018-01-13 The Four Elements - Third Guided Meditation 16:12
Bhikkhu Bodhi
2018-01-13 First Presentation - Morning 37:04
Bhikkhu Bodhi
2018-01-13 Third Presentation - Doughnut Economics - Afternoon 25:20
Bhikkhu Bodhi
2018-01-13 Q&A - Afternoon 26:47
Bhikkhu Bodhi
2018-01-13 Conclusion - Simple Practical Steps 12:23
Bhikkhu Bodhi
2018-01-13 Second Presentation - Exploring the Deeper Matrix- Afternoon 24:31
Bhikkhu Bodhi
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