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Retreat Dharma Talks

December 2017 Retreat

2017-12-22 (10 days) Phu Tara Faa

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2017-12-29 Evening Talk: Wisdom of release 17:15
Ajahn Sucitto
The 10 Fold Path has to do with the development of release. Sometimes we don’t want things to arise, but they can’t be released otherwise. This is a piece of your kamma, the piece that has to be known, felt, opened to and carefully handled. Then it can dissolve.
2017-12-30 Morning - Wisdom Covers It All 47:43
Ajahn Sucitto
Wisdom makes life more manageable, more fun. We can find how we’re generating stress by knowing feeling: “all dhammas converge on feeling.” Trace activations to their roots, identify the feeling, widen to the place where it isn’t. There is a wider domain to feeling, an end to experiencing feeling, both pleasant and unpleasant.
2017-12-30 Evening Talk - Taking the Practice Home 33:28
Ajahn Sucitto
As retreat comes to an end, consider the cooperative boundaries that allow Dhamma to flourish. Establish reasonable boundaries related to behavior, moral integrity, restraint. Remember that bhāvanā is more than meditation, cultivate throughout the day. Restore the source of energy, know its boundaries.
2017-12-31 Morning Chanting (English) 11:15
Ajahn Sucitto
2017-12-31 Closing Ceremony - Asking Forgiveness 7:46
Ajahn Sucitto
2017-12-31 Closing Ceremony - Parting Words and Sharing of Merit 15:14
Ajahn Sucitto
After retreat we return to a world of duties and responsibilities. Don’t forget your duty to the Buddha who gave us Dhamma, the way out of suffering. Integrate your life in terms of the 8-fold path. Give particular attention to speech. Pause and consider, place something carefully with a mind of goodwill for someone else to hear.
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