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The greatest gift is the
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Retreat Dharma Talks

Tending the Holy Fire

2018-02-02 (8 days) Freely Given Retreats

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2018-02-09 Soulful Attitude to Dukkha in Twoness 5:15
Catherine McGee
The talks and exercises from this 'Tending the Holy Fire' retreat are intended for experienced practitioners who already have a working familiarity with this particular Soulmaking paradigm, as outlined, for example, in the following retreats: 'The Path of the Imaginal (Longer Course)'; 'Re-enchanting the Cosmos: The Poetry of Perception'; and 'Of Hermits and Lovers: The Alchemy of Desire'. Integrating that previous material and also taking the talks in this new set in their intended order will, for most, support a better and fuller understanding of the teachings from this course. Without this practice and knowledge base, the material from this retreat may be confusing and unhelpful.
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