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Retreat Dharma Talks

Madison Vipassana Retreat: A Detox for the Heart

Our heart/mind gets clogged and soured by living in a situation of stress. Stress from performance drives and anxiety are a growing problem – they even affect spiritual and contemplative practice with goal-orientation and insecurity. All this leads to an obscuration of the potential for the heart: spaciousness, groundedness, and compassion. This retreat is aimed at putting us in touch with this fundamental resource, strengthening it, and integrating it into our lives.

2018-07-14 (10 days) Madison Insight Meditation Group

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2018-07-14 01 Precepts: Something You Can Always Do 15:35
Ajahn Sucitto
You can’t always “do” pleasant mindstates or an easeful body. Precepts are always available to enact as a way of practice.
2018-07-15 02 Clearing Toxins of the Heart Through Body 60:26
Ajahn Sucitto
The heart and mind are susceptible to toxins that drive action and infect intention. In the body we find a trustworthy orientation – a reliable source for knowing how it is now.
2018-07-15 03 Standing Meditation: The Body Seeks Harmony 28:50
Ajahn Sucitto
Guidance to help the body come into natural harmony. Notice the effects ground, space and breathing in the body. When the body feels safe, the skin boundary loosens and armor comes off.
2018-07-15 04 Walking Instructions: Can You Move without a “There”? 7:36
Ajahn Sucitto
Our walking is generally to get “there,” which carries with it a certain quality of distress. Instead, try walking without a “there”. Check the mental constructions of destination- including a ‘spiritual’ one - instead pay attention to how the body walks. It’s more peaceful that way!
2018-07-15 05 Guided Meditation: Where Do I Find Meaning? 32:43
Ajahn Sucitto
Take a simple word or theme and bring it into the heart. Holding it, sensing it and asking what’s most meaningful? When you take the word into your heart, what happens?
2018-07-15 06 Using Thought for Recollection 38:20
Ajahn Sucitto
Dhamma practice is generally marked by a tangle of thoughts. But thought can be used for recollection. Taking words into the heart, we consider what has meaning, what serves as refuge, setting distractions aside.
2018-07-16 07 Posture and Breath for Chanting 21:21
Ajahn Sucitto
Chanting begins with opening the belly, chest and throat. Posture and relaxation help clear blocked areas so the heart tone of chanting can vibrate and deepen through the body. [9:50 – 21:30 breathing and voice exercises]
2018-07-16 08 Guided Meditation: Soothing Nervous Energy Through Breathing and Body 24:17
Ajahn Sucitto
A comprehensive guided meditation to bring gentle, full awareness to all of the parts of the body, creating connections across them. In this connected state, body channels can open allowing for energy flow and discharge.
2018-07-16 09 Don’t Resist the Disorientation Experience 53:01
Ajahn Sucitto
On retreat there can be disorientation – new people, place, restrictions that weren’t there before. Disorientation is a tough medicine, but we use it to meet the boundary of the habitual self with its instinct to ‘make things go my way'. Stay with the discomfort, so that the mind changes direction: to the settled ground, through the body.
2018-07-16 10 Discerning Your Way Through Systems 13:33
Ajahn Sucitto
One of the fundamental obstacles for unawakened beings is the attachment to systems and customs. Rather than a habit of a system or technique in meditation, rely on organic human intelligence. Discern what is skillful and unskillful, necessary and unnecessary. Keep paring away what’s not needed and dwell in what remains. Something is waiting to meet you – a certain stillness and firmness of the spirit.
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