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Retreat Dharma Talks

Finding Freedom Through Insight Meditation

Insight meditation is a simple and direct practice based on moment-to-moment awareness, a technique that opens the heart and clears the mind. This course is an opportunity to practice continuous mindfulness in silence throughout the day, whether during formal sitting and walking meditation periods or during meals and other daily activities. The context of silence frees us from much of the daily barrage of stimulus that draws our attention outward, and lets us delve deeply inward. Learning to be aware of our experience from a place of stillness and equanimity allows us to see more clearly, and as insight deepens, compassion and wisdom can arise.

Designed for beginners and experienced practitioners alike, this course will include meditation instruction, talks about the teachings, and practice discussions with teachers. Movement practices can be helpful when on retreat – an optional daily mindful movement session will be offered.

2019-02-13 (8 days) Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center

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2019-02-19 Bringing the Dharma into Our Daily Lives 48:10
Brian Lesage
This talk offers reflections on how to fold retreat practice back into our daily lives.
2019-02-20 Morning Instructions 24:02
Brian Lesage
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