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Retreat Dharma Talks

The Buddhist Teachings and Issues of Cultural Spiritual Bypassing

Spiritual bypassing is described by John Welwood as using spiritual practice to avoid addressing psychological wounds and unresolved personal issues. This is usually addressed only on the individual level, yet a spiritual practice can be used to avoid or “bypass” unresolved cultural issues as well, which we are calling cultural spiritual bypassing. In this daylong we will explore some commonly bypassed issues such as racism, social justice, and identity politics.

We will be exploring what it means to be a cultural being among other cultural beings, including looking at how cultural spiritual bypassing manifests both collectively and individually, particularly within spiritual communities. This exploration will be situated in the context of how the Buddha of early Buddhism addressed cultural forms of oppression in teachings on ethics, view, intention, and the five aggregates.

This daylong will include lecture, images, reflection, discussion and meditation practice. All are welcome and encouraged to attend the Friday evening program which will introduce this exploration.

2018-07-06 (2 days) New York Insight Meditation Center

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2018-07-07 PM07 Anicca vata sankhara chant 6:00
Brian Lesage
2018-07-07 PM08 introduction to and recorded chant on impermanence - cdlp version 7:27
Sebene Selassie
2018-07-07 PM09 authenticity and related to chant leading to final triad exchange 4:24
Sebene Selassie
2018-07-07 PM10 final sharing after triad and concluding the day 36:34
Sebene Selassie
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